Leonardite is a soft, waxy, gleaming, glasslike mineraloid of black or brown color which easily dissolves in alkaline solutions. It’s a product of the oxidation of lignite (brown coal) which is found in the upper spheres of the earth.
Leonardite is an organic product which is a combination of extremely useful substances for plants and living organisms the main of which are humic and fulvic acids.
 Humic acids are often called a natural growth stimulator of plants, which improves the metabolism and nutrient intake as well as contributes into the plants growth.
Fulvic acid is so called the “cousin” of humic acid but it’s more concentrated. Fulvic acid is a natural acidic organic polymer. It means that it is not a single molecule, but rather a variety of different molecules with similar chemical property. Fulvic acid stimulates the metabolism of plants, improves the development of the root system as well as humic acid increasing intake, nutrient retention and IVF of soil.

Leonardite specification

# Indicator name Indicator
1 Moisture 35-45 %
2 Ash, dry basis 15-20%
3 Acidity pH 4-7.5%
4 Bitumen 12-16%
4 Total Humic Acid on dry organic matter 55-80%
5 Organic matter 65-90%

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